backpacking around eruope

Backpacking Around Europe: What To Pack

One of the things I struggle with is packing light. I am notorious for being the one to bring at least 5 different outfits on a weekend away, with every excuse under the sun as to why I needed to bring each one. My 3 month trip around Europe and California was the hardest trip I’ve […]

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finding cheap flights

Tips For Finding Super Cheap Flights

One of the most expensive, if not the most expensive part of booking a holiday, is the flights. I had always been told that flights from New Zealand to the USA cost around $2000nzd, and it wasn’t until my last trip to California that I realised just how cheap you can make it if you’re […]

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airplane travel

How To Survive A Long Haul Flight

Undeniably the worst part of international travel: the long haul flight. You’re trapped in a cramped seat with little room to stretch your legs, next to a complete stranger, while the baby a few rows back decides to bless the cabin with the sound of its people. So whether you’ve done it a handful of […]

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